Dreaming of Donny Osmond

I have a special relationship with Donny Osmond.

You’re so much funnier than me!

Not possible, girlfriend!

Last night I had a dream that I was at my grandma’s house. I was just standing there, doing whatever dreamers do, when all of a sudden I spot Donny Osmond walking toward me. I scream. Begin to bawl uncontrollably. “OhMyGod I love you!,” I said through my snot, “Can I take a picture with you?” He of course, being the amazing man that he is, said yes. And I proceed to waste hours taking pictures with, and crying on, Mr. O.

Where are you, Lunatic?

My one-sided love affair with Donny began four years ago. It was a late night, and I found myself surrounded by a mountain of rented movies that I had yet to touch. There was a pizza in the oven, popcorn in the microwave and chips in front of me. I was hungry. I also needed a laugh. So out of desperation, I put in College Road Trip.ย The beginning of the movie was mediocre at best.ย  I only stuck with it due to sheer laziness … I didn’t want to get up to change it.

But then. But then. Donny Osmond appeared and the universe stopped. The stars shot around my head and doves flew out of his. I was in a trance that he demanded and controlled. ‘Hilarious’ wouldn’t even begin to define his acting. I had found him: my favorite comedian. My own personal comedic genius.

Is it cold there without me?

Donnyย Osmond still holds a special little spot in my heart. Although his visits are few and far between nowadays, I will always have a place for him. And when I feel like it has been too long, and I just can’t take it anymore, my dreams allow for a much needed get-together.

Thanks for last night, D.


15 thoughts on “Dreaming of Donny Osmond

  1. I had to follow you, because your blog about Donny Osmond just cracked me up and left me smiling all day. If you fell in love with him in College Road Trip, you’re gonna flip over him in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. (Have ice handy!)

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