Just Married!

Well, it’s official! Loony and Gabriel have officially tied the knot, y’all!

You, readers, have watched our love story unfold .. after all, it was through WordPress that we even met. Want a little recap? I feel like I’ve shared these a dozen times, but I think it’s just so brilliant that we will always be able to look back on our relationship, here, from the very beginning.

It all started this day; Gabriel and I met in person  after having chatted online and through texting for a month. For both of our perspectives in more detail, read this.

I sort of fell in love with him right away; he was everything I had ever wanted & needed.

Of course, we moved very quickly. Soon, my cats and I were all moved in. Gabriel and I were dating … and he kept bugging me about this scary word called “marriage.” I kept barking, “NO! Stop that!” each time, but secretly (even to me), I wanted to marry him.

About a month after meeting, as we were hiking up a mountain (while I was extremely hung over, no less), I finally spit out, “Just propose already!” I couldn’t believe I had said it, and wanted to retract it almost as quickly … but the damage was done. The next day, while braving the wicked weather of the Oregon Coast, Gabriel proposed to me.

Now here we are, a couple of WordPress bloggers that had a hell of a chance meeting, married.

A very, very Loony love story indeed.


We will be recording the elopement today, so as soon as its edited up – in true blogger style – I will post the video here. It’s been awesome sharing this with all of you, and I hope you stay along for the ride.


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