A Very PEDS Thanksgiving

Today there will be no turkey in the oven, or pies to cool. Today there will be no table of food sitting before our hungry eyes, or the cheer of laughter coming from the dining room. Today, we will not be unbuttoning our pants after a feast too big, or napping on the couch from the sheer bliss of a perfect day.

No, today will be spent within the four walls of my sister’s pediatric hospital room; the room that has become our home over the last month. Today will be spent watching her pain hit, unable to help, and feeling the burn in our stomach that comes with the helplessness eating us away. Today will be wishing we could magically create a turkey dinner that could fit down her feeding tube. Today will be another day of wishing we had something to be thankful for.

I want to let the anger consume me. I want to become dark, to let the evil surrounding us finally win. I want to throw my hands in the air and give up.


My sister, my beautiful sister, lays in that bed with the determination of a godly creature. She fights on and through, marching through her fear and tears, not giving up. And so I will follow her lead. I will be thankful today. I will be thankful that she is not dying. I will be thankful that I have a mother and husband that offer support. I will be thankful that we bond together through this. I will be thankful that my sister does not give up. I will be thankful that I have the pleasure of being her sister. I will be thankful that I have a life that allows me to be here with & for her. I will be thankful that, on this Thanksgiving day, we are together.



12 thoughts on “A Very PEDS Thanksgiving

  1. (((Erica)))
    I wish I had words to make it better
    Your sister is very brave, most adults couldn’t handle what she’s gone through.

  2. Hi Erica, I have followed you few months back after I got back to blogging and I am saddened by this.. If you don’t mind and if you are interested, I know someone who can give healing to your sister. I don’t do this often but I would love to help even in our own lil way.

    If the doctors can’t find diagnosis, I know someone who can.. you can send me an email here if you are interested: sassymikee@yahoo.com

    Sending love from the Philippines,

  3. I wish I had words that will magically heal all the pain and worries. But since I don’t, I send you many hugs and tell you you can go through this and so can your sister.
    I will be praying for her and your family 🙂

  4. Well, this is quite the post to first pop in on.
    I’m sorry I didn’t read this on Thanksgiving, but I’m glad I’m finally reading it. Thank you for a beautiful introduction to your sister and your strength.


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