The Lonely Human

b3e9711d3968f242faaf8c606e709b06Aren’t we a funny sight, us humans. We walk along the concrete, counting the steps to our destinations while typing on our phones, without ever looking around. The dance of thunder in our legs, as we paint visions of dreams with each footstep left behind.

Sometimes I like to stop in the middle of crowded streets to yell in silence, to catch the daisies of thoughts left by busy patrons, to steal glimpses of the articles in their hands. I wonder if they are thinking about their lovers, their enemies, or the cats they still need to feed.

People pass me on the trains, their eyes never peering out. We are all in our boxes, occupied by little gadgets that assure us we are really alive. But suppose we could capture our moments in bottles. Would life be played out before us? Or would years of ignorance and immobility be projected onto the screen?

Perhaps the scents and sounds and visions we leave behind are never meant to be remembered, maybe it would hurt too badly. Wild roses bare thorns, and we are not a species that enjoys pain … even if the scars reveal truth., how lovely it would be to walk along the streets and see one another. To take our eyes off of the screens, and behold such beautiful things. I draw the crows flying above, with even strokes, imprinting their freedom onto my canvas. They do not follow the rules of technology, but of the wind. The sun rises to tell them what dreams are made of, and their wings paint the sunset with those beliefs. Oh yes, how lovely it would be to fly free from our shackles.

But for now, I will continue peering down through my window onto the busy downtown streets. Here in my solitude, I am as hidden as the rest of them.


17 thoughts on “The Lonely Human

  1. That’s why I don’t wanna buy a smartphone. I have a laptop, a mobile phone (an old one), and a music player. I only take the mobile when I am going out, and only look at it if it rings (I sometimes even put it on silent mode). Life is too short to text while you’re out with friends and family.

    • So true, and I wish more people could follow that … including myself. There is always a pang of guilt I feel, after realizing just how much I checked my phone while visiting a loved one.

  2. I have significant nerve damage from surgery and chemo so I struggle with taste and touch. Yet I see so many people take these senses for granted. We live in an ADD world and the only way to bring us back to our basic senses, to hear the symphony around us, is mindfulness. Your post was a great reminder of this.

  3. It seems that sometimes the things that are supposed to keep us connected really just keep us at arms length from everyone else. Technology is supposed to help us overcome our limitations, maybe what people are scared of the most is having actual meaningful connections with people so we use our technology to overcome that fear in a safer feeling way.

  4. This glimpse of the world is very true, people are often so occupied by their phone, they rarely make eye contact with anyone else. There’s a lot of beauty in the world that people cannot see because they fail to look. Thank you for sharing.

  5. A very poetic expression of where society is going. 🙂

    I think we are all sheep and forget that there are alternatives to almost everything. Instead we just follow the flock. We join facebook, because we wouldn’t know our “friends” business if we didn’t. It’s hilarious that a phone conversation with someone is faster and more accurate than texting back and forth, yet we think we have the latest greatest form of communication.

  6. I love the way you see the world. It makes me feel like in the storm tossed sea of life there’s an island I can visit where I’ll be understood.


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