One Year Ago, I Met My Husband (Through Wordpress!)

Today marks the one year anniversary of Alex and I meeting. Last year, on this 20th of May, I was nervously getting ready to meet this boy that had sent me an email after reading my blog. We both felt so connected to each other, having shared a very similar life and past.

And after texting into the deep hours of the night for a couple weeks, weΒ decided that it was time to meet in person.

Of course, two weeks later I had moved in with him. A week after that we were engaged. And we said our vows just four short months after we had just met. As we approach our 8th month of being married, I feel proud … and still a little scared. But I guess the good things are always a bit scary, eh?


13 thoughts on “One Year Ago, I Met My Husband (Through Wordpress!)

  1. I love happy endings. Particularly in this case πŸ˜‰ So happy for you both on this special day, which is testimony it is to keeping faith in possibility and hope πŸ˜‰


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