dare to let it go

lie down, it’s okay if it hurts.

into great oaks
and small shells
and wells of bird songs
until you are
you are
you are

take a nap, it’s going to hurt.

what about angels
when they lose a wing
what about demons
when they gain a heart
what about you
when you realize that you are something
after so many years
of believing
you are nothing

lie real still now, the pain is strong.

but if you hold to the vines of your soul
and the soft pitter patter of your heart
that is singing for you to come home
maybe the relief will come sooner than you thought
because you have a song
now listen

whisper to the dark
i am the universe
and then go to sleep
for it is not wrong
to be tired

dawn will make you choose
between freedom and the pain
it is not easy
can you really give it up?
the home you have lived in for so long?
it will cry out at you
cut you
burn you
you will feel sad
and exhausted
and tortured
to leave your home
and venture out onto the yellow brick road

but there is magic there
if you dare
to let


6 thoughts on “dare to let it go

  1. It’s so hard to leave that familiar home. Freedom awaits….life too. It’s funny how freedom, life, and the universe are all so patient and we’re like NO, NOW.

    I heard this story years ago about a man that came across a eagle trying to get out of its shell and he felt so bad for it because it was struggling so much so he helped the eagle and it wound up dying because the things it developed during the struggle were its strengths in life.

    I’ve always wanted to put my struggle in a bag, take it to the woods and shoot the bag until it stops twitching but lately I’ve been looking back and valuing it which is so odd to me.


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