Shining Star

i think i like the way it feels to
know that this is the end.
even though you tell me
it’s just the beginning.

tell me when i die
you will throw my ashes out into the ocean
but save some
to shoot into outer space
so that i may become
a star.

i don’t plan on slitting
my wrists
or tying the noose
i just find a little comfort
in the fantasy of this
being my last winter.

or maybe it won’t be
maybe i will write my book
and travel off to distant lands
and live
the dreams i used to have.

just promise me
that one day
i will be a distant
shining star.


9 thoughts on “Shining Star

  1. “From dust to dust…” I take that to mean the greatest is ever evolving. We are more than we can imagine. We live to question our value and are left with simple words to answer the undying question, “Why?”

    Beautiful poetry. Thanks for sharing.


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