Toasters & Bubble Bath’s

i am not as good as you
you do everything better
1.2i just remembered something
there is nothing interesting about me

but you
you have the world watching, waiting
telling us the
hows & whys & whens & wheres
you peel my skin back
to shove all of your “guidance” and “advice” into
until it boils over, bubbles, erupts

all i do is seek attention. 
i am repulsive.

those are your ever endearing words
the legacy you are giving me

i just remembered
just how much better you are than me
and i see, that once again,
i need to tiptoe into the bathtub quietly
to wash off my failures again
before you catch me

but this time …
just this once …

Maybe I will bring the toaster into the bubble bath with me.


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