Leaving Me at Night



stop leaving me

every night i close my eyes and watch you walk away from me
with someone new

your voice is unwavering when it tells me
‘i have moved on’

this is tormenting me
torturing me
it pulls me into a cluster of fear

‘stop! wait! but didn’t you just say you loved me? that you would never leave me?’
you nod
then why am i losing you? how could you love her?’

what did i do so wrong

i wake up and look over at you
you are awake, reading on your phone
unaware of the pain i have felt all night

its an unassuming rage
a fire
tears, cries, pleading

please love me
please dont leave me
please stay
please be the one that doesnt walk away
please fight for me

stop leaving me

good morning, love’


4 thoughts on “Leaving Me at Night

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  2. No one should ever have to feel this way, especially someone like you. I love you sis and know you’ll never have to beg or fight for my love. My love for you is unconditional no matter what. I am here for you always.
    -Love, sissy<3


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