Broken, Healing

There are pieces of me strewn along the office floor. There are parts of me hiding in the drawers of the guest room. Pieces of me hiding under my bed, thrown into the closets, sleeping under my pillow. Each pile … Continue reading

On the Duggar Family, and the Legacy of Abuse

I’ll admit it, I was a fan of the Duggar family. I did NOT agree (and was often outraged) with any of their religious or political views, but I can completely disagree with a persons moral values and still respect their … Continue reading


Sometimes, I miss the cigarettes. I miss the booze. I miss the blade over my skin. Mostly, I miss the avoidance. I could wrap all of my unsettling feelings up with a nice little bow, and pretend they didn’t exist. … Continue reading

please, don’t leave me

  i wake up to the back of his neck. i nuzzle my face into his skin and i repeat i need you i need you i need you i stare at the tattoo on his back his hair the way … Continue reading

Some Things You Can’t Go Back To

People change. I think sometimes, the replacing of a stagnant creature benefits all … but sometimes, the transformation is almost too much to bear. Some things you can’t go back to. Inevitably, time slips away, and with it leaves the … Continue reading

And I Felt

Haunt my thoughts
my dreams
my heart
my soul
Until the very blood in my veins
drips with darkness.

Suffocated in times past
I cannot run
I cannot hide
I cannot hold my breath
It is there
always there
my foe
my closest friend.

Though I no longer cave to the thoughts of ending my own life,
I now fear that
are killing me.

A Different Kind of Person

I used to be a different kind of person. I was broke and tired, I was running on pure desperation. My conscience was hidden underneath layers of cold; under layers of sadness that were stale and hard. I didn’t know how … Continue reading