Leaving Me at Night

  stop leaving me every night i close my eyes and watch you walk away from me with someone new your voice is unwavering when it tells me ‘i have moved on’ this is tormenting me torturing me it pulls … Continue reading

Beware The Joker

Careful. You never know when someone unexpected will perform a sleight of hand, and in turn, send you flying hopelessly off into the night sky. Those basic bitches that turn into complicated Jokers, tearing off their perfectly symmetrical faces and … Continue reading

The Unromantic Romance

All my life, I have been a romantic. Not in the “love” sense, but in the way I expect big moments to be. I want everything to be artistic, I want everything to be exquisite. Like walking onto the cold … Continue reading

How to [awkwardly] Meet Your Husband

Get a tooth infection, it all starts with a tooth infection. You’ll swell up like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka, and you’ll think it’s probably time to go to the hospital. Wait, puke up the insane amounts of Tylenol … Continue reading

The Slow Burn of Love

It is a poison, spreading through the veins, crippling the senses, murdering the heart, finding hilarity in the destruction it is causing. It brings out the best in you, it lets out the worst in you. Love. You see the … Continue reading

The Thing About ‘Moments’

In life, there are wondrous moments; fleeting seconds of pure ecstasy, that we wish we could bottle up to keep with us forever. There are moments so pure, so exhilaratingly freeing, that they almost seem wasted when we realize that … Continue reading

A Loony in Portlandia

It has been a whirlwind couple of months for me, and I am so excited to share it all with you guys! Loony is definitely┬áliving an entirely new life, and it is quite the crazy adventure I am embarking on! … Continue reading