first anniversary

Today, my husband and I celebrate our One Year Anniversary. 365 days of marriage.

This past year has been emotionally charged and draining, one of the hardest of my life, and so very stressful. We have had to slowly learn what it meant to be a team; what it means to work together, selflessly, rather than selfishly for ourselves. We have hurt each other. We have betrayed one another. We have both walked out.

But. This past year has also been the most precious and beautiful. It was shown us that we are each unconditionally lovable, and that it feels oh so good to be able to lean on someone who will not leave. Yes, we have walked out … but we came back, and have not done it again. We carry one another, and rest when we need to. We have a lover, a partner, a best friend to walk beside us.

This first year has taught me that our marriage is strong, that it is going to last. This first year has taught me that my husband loves me; that I can be loved. This first year has taught me that I am finally, FINALLY, home.

Happy ONE YEAR, my husband! Thank you for completing me.