a (wordpress) love story

In August 2012, I began this blog in an attempt to heal from the trauma I had experienced throughout my life. I had promised myself that if, in one year, my life hadn’t miraculously changed, I would (after two previous unsuccessful attempts) finally end my suffering … end my life.

April 2013. I wrote “The (not so) Pretty Truth,” and it was chosen as an Editor’s Pick and featured on WordPress. Little did I know, there was a boy living just two hours away from me, reading that post and connecting with each word. His own story fit mine so well, that he reached out and messaged me. It was silly, but after a couple emails back and forth, the boy gave me his phone number and I texted him right away.

I had no romantic feelings for him at this point, but I was so excited to meet someone who shared my deepest thoughts & feelings. I didn’t have to explain myself to him, he just got me and I got him.

After endless texts deep into late nights, he made up a funny excuse for why he would “be in my area,” and we met in person. Our meeting started with a hug, and ended with a few goodbye kisses. We had spent hours just talking & walking, and when we parted, my heart was skipping beats. I felt as though I was seen for the first time in my life.

I moved in with my boy a couple weeks later in May, and we became engaged a few days after that. Marriage found us in September, just four months after meeting, and it has been one hell of an adventure since then. As of now (2019), we have been married for six years and have been raising our little bad spoons (pictured below) together. We have had amazing highs and incredibly dark lows, but our loyalty and love continues to get us through.

We had a lot of old blog posts about one another on a joint blog that no longer exists, which is why I am making this dedicated page/menu. I want to preserve our unique WordPress love story and hopefully show that even the most broken of people (like us), can find unconditional and healthy love.

he is the first person who loved/loves me
because of my issues,
not despite of my issues.
the first person to believe me
about my past

and to stick up for me
when I’m unable to do so myself.

We see each other.
We get each other.
We raise our little bad spoons together.
We laugh together.
We cry together.
Just we.
Six years now.

Follow our story by clicking some of the links below, reading old posts here, or by hovering over the above “A Love Story” menu to find links to more posts that were previously lost! More will be added in time.