Leaving Me at Night

  stop leaving me every night i close my eyes and watch you walk away from me with someone new your voice is unwavering when it tells me ‘i have moved on’ this is tormenting me torturing me it pulls … Continue reading

Beware The Joker

Careful. You never know when someone unexpected will perform a sleight of hand, and in turn, send you flying hopelessly off into the night sky. Those basic bitches that turn into complicated Jokers, tearing off their perfectly symmetrical faces and … Continue reading

Toasters & Bubble Bath’s

i am not as good as you you do everything better i just remembered something there is nothing interesting about me but you you you have the world watching, waiting telling us the hows & whys & whens & wheres … Continue reading

please, don’t leave me

  i wake up to the back of his neck. i nuzzle my face into his skinĀ and i repeat i need you i need you i need you i stare at the tattoo on his back his hair the way … Continue reading

And I Felt

Haunt my thoughts
my dreams
my heart
my soul
Until the very blood in my veins
drips with darkness.

Suffocated in times past
I cannot run
I cannot hide
I cannot hold my breath
It is there
always there
my foe
my closest friend.

Though I no longer cave to the thoughts of ending my own life,
I now fear that
are killing me.

Shining Star

i think i like the way it feels to
know that this is the end.
even though you tell me
it’s just the beginning.

tell me when i die
you will throw my ashes out into the ocean
but save some
to shoot into outer space
so that i may become
a star.

i don’t plan on slitting
my wrists
or tying the noose
i just find a little comfort
in the fantasy of this
being my last winter.

or maybe it won’t be
maybe i will write my book
and travel off to distant lands
and live
the dreams i used to have.

just promise me
that one day
i will be a distant
shining star.