the beginning

* originally published july 2, 2013

‘Where are you? Lol’ I text

‘In the store’ was the reply I got

I walk into the shop and greeting me is an explosion of color, sights, and sounds. I suddenly feel slightly taller than I should be with the low hanging ornaments twisting and twirling from the ceiling. I walk up and down a few of the isles. My heart is pounding out of my chest, I try to compensate by keeping tabs on just about everyone and everything I see. It is too much; there is just too much going on. I walk down the aisles looking for her but I don’t see her, or rather, I do but I’m not sure enough to say anything to her.

‘Where? Lol’ I text

‘Just meet me out front’ she answers

I exit the store catching a glimpse of her on the way out on the far right wall. It’s a warm, sunny day. The heat is enough to make me sweat ever so slightly, but then again so were my nerves. I wait patiently for her exit from the store and our eminent meeting. I am made acutely aware of the beating of my heart, as it is now louder than the ringing in my ears.

A young girl passes and turns, she flashes me a smile. ‘Hi!’

A million thoughts pass through my head, she was far more beautiful than her photos led me to believe and even still, she was talking to me. The girl who enchanted me from afar for so long, standing here, right in front of me, looking right at me, talking to ME.

She was real.

‘Hi, I’m glad we finally get to meet’ I respond nervously

After a little discussion on what to do, she responds ‘Okay, hug me and let’s get going’

We hug and I walk her over to the car I rented to visit with her. First up was a drive to the park, the directions she gave were hard to follow but before I knew it we pulled into a parking spot by the water and we were walking.

Despite the pounding of my heart, which by now was at a dull roar but still outrageously high, the conversation flowed freely. We were old friends, travelers on the same path. We had known each other our entire lives but just met.

After awhile it was off for burgers and finally to another park, we had gone over our live stories by this point. Sharing pitfalls, talking about medications, our general craziness, we jumped from topics like fish in a sea of thoughts hoping from one bubble to another just as quickly as they came.

‘What are you thinking?’ She asks while on a path

‘Honestly, I just want to kiss you’ I respond, but didn’t

However, in that moment, I looked into her eyes and knew for sure that I had fallen in love with her. I honestly did not believe at love at first sight until she showed up.  When we finished the path, we found a park bench under trees on a hill.

After some conversation, she again asked ‘What are you thinking about’

Yet again, my response was ‘I want to kiss you, but I don’t know how you feel about it.’

To which she replied with ‘I guess you will have to find out.’

No sooner had those words left her lips, did I press them to my own while I was pulling her close. In that moment, the world had stopped. There was nothing, nothing before her, nothing after her, just her and I. It was electric, it was breathtaking; it was the stuff poetry is written about, movies are made of and books are penned with. Her and I, we were alone in the world; why not, nothing else mattered.

And that was just the beginning…